With so many Sizegenetics Reviews and so much information out there, it can be hard to make out what is real and what isn’t regarding Sizegenetics. So, with that in mind, we’re going to cut straight to the chase and provide you some in depth reviews on Sizegenetics that we’ve sourced ourselves from various places around the internet. These reviews aren’t from paid writers, they are from real users around the internet.Permenda LTD


What Kind of Results Can I Expect To See?

One of the most common concerns about Sizegenetics is finding if there are real results out there other than what is endorsed on the official website. Below we have included Sizegenetics reviews giving testament to actual results from three different men around the world.

Reviewed by Nick from Ohio

My starting measurements were Erect Length: 6″ and Erect Girth: 5 1/8″. 3 months later, my statistics are as follows: Erect Length: 7.3″ Erect Girth: 6″.

Reviewed by John from UK

Definately works. I have been using size genetics for 6 months now. I have gone from 5″ to 7.2″ erect which I am very happy with. The only problem now is, my foreskin no longer covers the head even in the flaccid state, as I have grown 2 full inches in length.

Reviewed by Bruno from Milan, Italy

Yes, I live in Europe and purhchased this device, sizegenetics gained 2.5cms in 2 months!

It seems that Sizegenetics has been used by men all over the world. The results vary, and as you can see, they have all extended their ‘willy’!


Is It Safe To Use?

Customer ‘George’, was interested in using Sizegenetics, but like others he was wondering if it was both safe to use and medically sound .

Here is what he has to say:

Sizegenetics was recommended by my doctor. Now, if my doctor does not know what is good for me, than who does. I am using it for one week now, so I can’t speak about the results. However, it is easy to wear and also to mount.

Mr. Big from US also consulted his doctor and this is what he learned:

I love this extender because it works and I haven´t tried or reviewed others, the doctor says that they are garbage anyway. But if I´d look for a good extender today, I would pick sizegenetics again!

It would appear that the Sizegenetics Extender works, and is not only safe to use, but also recommended by the doctors  of these customers.


How Do I Use It Properly and Comfortably?

Permenda LTD

“Listen to your willy” really sums it up. Wondering if you can wear it for long periods of time and if it hurts?

Reviewer  “Bill from Downunder” offers his bits of wisdom…

For those of you who might wonder about using it properly and for best comfort, I wear it 10 hours a day, with 2 sets of 5 hours straight with no probs – the key is to take it slow. Listen to your willy. If it’s hurting chances are you’re upping the tension too much too soon for your willy to handle & thus needing to tighten the loop/strap more than is necessary. Reduce the tension to achieve a comfortable fit and only increase it when your willy can handle it.

Take it slow. Adjust the tension and the amount of hours that fit your schedule and your ‘willy’.


Why Sizegenetics And Not Another Penis Extender?

The old saying about don’t reinvent the wheel is a good one in my opinion. Why would I try a bunch of different extenders and other penis extending alternatives if I could learn from those who have already taken the plunge?

This customer from the Eastern Coast of the US would like to remain anonymous, but shares his experience about other extenders.

I tried Vimax Extender and SizePro extender, now I upgraded to Size Genetics extender and I have to say it’s much more comfortable. Penis exercise program (free with Size Genetics) let me gain more girth and the extender increases length.

Reviewer ‘Sweet’ lets us know that he had bad experiences with other extenders.

I have no regrets investing the money that I did on this product because I’ve tried others and had bad experiences. I can’t stress how liberating it feels to actually forget that you are even wearing such a device. I grew nearly double than what I had anticipated…

Obviously you are looking for some answers about Sizegenetics and wondering if it is the penis extender for you. Congratulations on doing your research and I trust that these two real customer reviews will help with your decision and lessen your research time.


Is It Within My Budget?

There is always a concern with the cost of a product. Sizegenetics is no different and many have expressed that it tends to be expensive. Here are two gentlemen who might set you straight if you have that same feeling and are wondering if you can fit it in your budget.

Reviewed by Max from Louisiana

I spent more than $750 on penis enlargement pills, patches and even exercises – nothing worked! Penis exercises are scam. Penis pills gave me nothing but headaches. Penis patches gave me nothing at all. Finally I decided to spend another $300 and try size genetics device. This is amazing, I went from 6″ to 7″ in 2 months! Here is my advice, you can save those $750 and buy only penis extender!

Reviewed by Ryry from USA

Best 300 bucks I’ve ever spent. I don’t want my money back. I just wish I had it 10 years ago.

Apparently, these gentlemen were happy to spend their 300+ bucks for something that really worked!

I hope these Sizegenetics reviews from real users have given you more insight into what real customers have experienced. Hopefully they helped answer some of your questions and made it easier for you to make a decision about buying and using Sizegenetics.

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