You are probably wondering why I chose the Sizegenetics extender over the other penis extenders out there.

Hey, guys, here is how I made my decision:

Trying to get my head around all of the overwhelming and conflicting information, I compiled a checklist of the points that I thought were the most important when looking for the right penis extender. This way, I could look at the material in a more organized fashion, get the facts clear in my mind, and hopefully see the light of day.

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Here is how the Sizegenetics Extender faired once I used my Penis Extender checklist.                                   

1. COMFORT – Comfort was #1 in my mind. I new that in order for the penis extender to work I had to wear it for long periods of time. Therefore, it had to be as comfortable as possible. 1. COMFORT – Only extender I found with the 16 WAY Ultimate Comfort System. I needed to be as comfortable as possible and this looked to offer the sizegenetics checklistbest comfort system for any 'willie'.
2. SAFETY – I did not want my ‘willie’ harmed in any way, so safety was very important. I did not want materials that would rust, bend, or cause me harm. The best materials possible were what I was looking for. 2.  SAFETY – Is classified as a Type 1 Medical Device and has an authentic medical device certificate. Fully clinically tested and made to high manufacturing standards. It uses medical grade sizegenetics reviewmaterials that do not bend or rust.
3. TESTING – I wanted to make sure that there had been testing done and results shown. The device needed to be credible in both physical performance and proven results. 3. TESTING – Tests showed that Sizegenetics can help with straightening and extending your penis. Patients showed penile extension of up to 29% with no complications.    sizegenetics reviews
4. DOCTOR ENDORSEMENTS -I thought that if doctors where putting their name and reputation on a product, then it was worth trusting.

4. DOCTORS -Several doctors are backing this product. Plus, I was impressed when men in the forums mentioned that their      sizegenetics reviewsown doctors had recommended it.

5. THE COMPANY – I wanted to answer the question: Is the Company behind the product a reliable leader in the penis extending marketplace. 5. COMPANY –  Have about 16 years in this marketplace. Starting back in 1995, they seem to have the experience and be a   sizegenetics reviewsleader in penis extending.
6. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION – Even though I knew that the problems with my ‘willie’ were unique to me, I needed to know if others had had success.  Personally, I think listening and learning from the experiences of others is important.    6. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION – Their website is full of customer testimonials. But, I also searched for other personal experiences and read many customer reviews. Even though my experience might be different, I was confident  sizegenetics reviewsthat others had used it with success.
7. SUPPORT & GUARANTEE – The company must stand behind its product.  Not only should there be a guarantee, but they should be approachable if I have any problems or questions. 7. SUPPORT & GUARANTEE –Offers a 180 day guarantee. There are some stipulations – read carefully.  Plus, they have a 24 hour customer service team to help with any of your questions or concerns.                   sizegenetics guarantee
8. PRICE – Yes, price is very important, but for a major purchase like this, it was not my first concern. I knew I needed to compare the quality and what I was getting in the complete package for that price. Plus, I always check for a discount coupon.

8. PRICE – Sizegenetics extender is a bit on the high end as far a price. Three different packages offered. A)Ultimate- $389.85. This qualifies for a $50 off coupon making it $339.85  B) Basic $350 C) Starter Edition-$199.95.                                                   sizegenetics guaranteeD) A chance to receive it  Free.


After using my checklist on Sizegenetics, I scored it 7.25 out of 8.

As you can see, the price and some of the stipulations in the guarantee caused me a little concern.

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I did find other penis extending devices out there.  They ranged from around $40 to nearly $400. But, also, during my research, I found that the Sizegenetics Extender was often referred to as the “Rolls Royce” of the industry. 

To me, this company appears to be the leader in the penis extending market. The Sizegenetics Extender passed my penis extender checklist with flying colors. The ‘Ultimate’ package, with all the bells and whistles, and the Sizegenetics discount felt like the right choice for me.

So, after considering all the points on my checklist more than once, I decided that Sizegenetics was my best choice even if it was a bit more expensive.

I hope this checklist helps you make an informed decision on which is the best penis extender for your precious ‘willie’.

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